Cowls with Two Sides

Equilibrium Cowl

Equilibrium Cowl

Every once in a while someone who stops by the store wants to know, “What’s new in knitting? What hot new thing does everyone have on their needles?” As everyone has their favorite thing to knit and I see all kinds of projects being made, I never know how to answer. So with this post I feel like the kid in class raising their hand insistently to answer a question that was asked a day or two ago. Pick me! Pick me!

While hats are always popular and bulky cowls were a hot knit for the holidays, I keep seeing patterns for reversible cowls. They’re usually knit in worsted or lighter weight yarn and are folded over and seamed to form a tube.

The first cowl like this that I noticed was the Equilibrium Cowl in Knitscene Accessories (still available at Wild Yarns as of this post). I liked this cowl so much that it is the project for the colorwork class that is on our schedule. It’s a fun, colorwork, graphic cowl. When folded over and seamed, the strands from the colorwork are hidden away.

Like I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been distracted by Ravelry’s top projects and the potential for a pattern that’s “free for a limited time”! Well, viewing the top projects led me to Chicken and Waffles Cowl (which is free for the month of February). Despite being two-color knitting, there is no seaming to hide one side. The nature of the stitch pattern makes a stitch that looks different on each side with the possibility of either side being the ‘right side’. It’s knit using brioche stitching which is on my list of knitting skills to be picked up right soon!

As I was looking through Ravelry, the reversible cowl that jumped out at me today was Encadre’. One side is a solid color while the other side is a simple stranded pattern with lines that form boxes. Again, the strands from colorwork are hidden in the finishing.

In store, we also have a free pattern from Classic Elite for a reversible cowl knit with their Liberty Wool multi-colored yarn. It’s the Doubled Chevron Cowl and has a stockinette side and a chevron side. With Liberty Wool’s great prints, it makes a fun cowl but for the more conservative a solid color yarn would look great too!

Liberty Wool Print colorways for February

Liberty Wool Print colorways for February


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