Cheryl Oberle at Wild Yarns!

Wild Yarns is very lucky to have nationally known fiber artist and knitwear designer, Cheryl Oberle, in our neighborhood. If you’re familiar with the books Folk Shawls, Folk Vests, and Folk Jackets, then you know about Cheryl Oberle and her beautiful, classic designs. Cheryl also has patterns in each of the One Skein Wonder books and several patterns available on Ravelry.  While she lives here in Denver, Cheryl spends a good piece of the year travelling all over the country to teach knitting classes at stores and conferences. When she has the chance to be in town, we appreciate that Cheryl teaches a workshop or two here.

Last Spring Cheryl was kind enough to teach a class here on Carol’s Clever Little Shawl, a pattern that is offered for free on her website. We have a sample in the store knit up in Cheryl’s OM yarn – it’s that cozy shawl with the keyhole closure and garter stitch body knit in a purplish-blue colorway. This Fall/Winter, Cheryl has set aside some time to teach two mini-workshops and two project-based workshops here at Wild Yarns.

Mini Workshops

Smooth Starts
Thursday, November 8, 6pm-8pm
$25 plus supplies

Fabulous Finishes
Thursday, December 6, 6pm-8pm
$25 plus supplies

Smooth Starts and Fabulous Finishes are the two hour mini-workshops that Cheryl will be teaching in November and December. Smooth Starts is all about casting on. While most people have a favorite cast on method, there are some projects that just don’t seem to start correctly when you use your tried and true. Cheryl will demonstrate three different cast on techniques and will explain the benefits of each in Smooth Starts.  While Smooth Starts is not a pre-requisite to Fabulous Finishes, it can be considered a companion class.  Just as one cast on does not work in every situation, sometimes you need to expand your repertoire of bind off methods to find one appropriate for each pattern. In Fabulous Finishes Cheryl will go over three different bind off techniques while explaining the appropriate types of projects for each. Take either or both of these workshops and take your knitting to the next level!

Full Day Workshops

Long Loop Lace Scarf
Saturday, December 8, 10am-4:30pm
$80 plus supplies

As you’re getting ready for the holidays, what could be better than spending a day knitting with Cheryl? By the end of this workshop you’ll be well on your way to completing a beautiful handmade gift or perhaps a new accessory for you to wear as you enjoy the celebrations of the season. During the workshop Cheryl will have you practice techniques and then get you started with one of her beautiful designs, the Long Loop Scarf. This workshop will have you reading lace charts, using lace knitting techniques, and learning Cheryl’s technique of Reversing Lace. With your newfound skills, you’ll impress the pants off people when you show them the completed project!

Faroette Shawl
Saturday, January 12, 10am-4:30pm
$80 plus supplies

As the grand finale of this series of workshops with Cheryl, the Faroette Shawl workshop takes the cake! Cheryl has been all over the country teaching the techniques used in Faroese shawls. These traditional shawls from the Faroe Islands have construction techniques that differ from most modern shawls. Faroese shawls have a center panel from which two triangular shaped pieces grow, include lace, and are often reversible. Cheryl has designed several Faroese patterns including the Faroette which is a small version that isn’t much bigger than a scarf but wraps around your shoulders to hug you and keep the chill away. During the workshop Cheryl will have you knit a mini shawl (about the size to fit a doll) to get the techniques down and will then get you started on your full-size Faroette. When your friends see you wearing this beautiful shawl they will shiver with envy…or the chill of not having such a beautiful shawl to keep them warm!

If you’re interested in taking any of these workshops, please call or stop by to sign up. Payment is required at time of registration to secure your seat in class. Space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible!

Cheryl’s hand-dyed organic merino – perfect for either of her workshops!


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