The Artists of Wild Yarns – Sleep Season

The artist you get to meet this week is Meg of Sleep Season!

Meg spinning with one of her fans watching.

What do you make?
I make one of a kind hand dyed yarns! Also hand dyed, handspun yarn, hand dyed spinning fiber and hand carded batts for spinning.
How did you get started making knit/crochet supplies?
I started out as a knitter and became interested in how the yarn I was using was made. I started spinning with a spindle, and after several years I invested in a spinning wheel. I attended Yarn School in Harveyville, KS where I learned the dyeing process and haven’t looked back!
What inspires you?
Simple everyday beauty, the way the creamer swirls in my coffee, my dogs racing around the backyard.
What is your favorite use for the creations you sell at Wild Yarns?
I love using hand dyed sock yarn to knit shawls! Of course they look great as socks as well. Handspun yarn is such a treat to knit with, I think a simple shawl or cowl really shows off the yarn.
What’s currently on your needles or hook?
I am knitting the Hitch Hiker shawl with my hand dyed and a pair of socks. I’m also knitting the Queen Anne’s Lace shawl out of Cascade’s Baby Alpaca yarn.
Any suggestions for people using your creations?
Don’t be afraid to jump right in and knit something! I hear a lot of people say that they are waiting for just the right project to knit with handspun yarn or a hand dyed yarn they love. I say find something simple that you know you will wear and just go for it!

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